When it Comes to College Apps, Early is Better than Ever.

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Colleges have a problem. They’re currently being inundated by applications, even though the number of high school graduates has leveled off.

What gives?

Well, the Common Application makes it super easy to apply to a lot of schools without doing any extra work. You fill out one application, and then you can send it to as many schools as you want.

This seems great—except when you consider that every other high school graduate can do the exact same thing. The result is that admissions rates are declining because schools are receiving so many more applications than they used to and they don’t have any more rooms in their classes.

Colleges have another problem, too. They’ve figured out that a lot of the students who send them applications aren’t really serious about attending, if they get in. They just hit “Submit” to play it safe and cover all the bases.

So now the colleges have to deal with a lot of applications from a lot of non-serious applicants, who are basically gumming up the works.

The college’s favorite solution to this problem is your secret weapon: the early application. Early applications, particularly Early Decision, let colleges know who is a serious applicant and who isn’t. They take a ton of guesswork out of the admissions game for the colleges, and because of this benefit, the college rewards the students who are willing to play.

The admissions advantage you can gain from applying early these days can be huge. At some schools, early applicants have an enormous 35% advantage over applicants in the early admissions pool. If you want that advantage working in your favor, it’s time to get started on your college applications.

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