3 Things Your College Essay Absolutely Must Have.


It’s college essay time and you’ve got tons of other work to do, so, let’s get right to it. Here are 3 things to make absolutely sure you include in your application essay:

  1. Perfect grammar. Your college essay is supposed to be an example of the very best writing you can deliver. Don’t embarrass yourself. At a bare minimum, the grammar in your essay is something you’ve absolutely got to get exactly right. Review, review, review, and be sure to get another (qualified) pair of eyes on it.
  1. Heart. The purpose of your essay is to add life to your application. It needs to show that you’re an actual living, breathing person rather than an SAT score combined with a GPA. Your essay must convince the reader of your humanness, your likeability, and your realness. Dig deep.
  1. Originality: To get noticed, you have to show the reader something fresh—something he or she hasn’t seen or read before. This is a tall order, but you’re asking the reader to notice you amidst a sea of others. Hence, you’ve got to give the reader something worth noticing! Here’s a hint: to avoid being trite or unoriginal, tell a true story of something that actually happened to you. No one else can do that because your personal stories are uniquely your own. Another strategy is to tell a familiar story in an original way, which shows off your creative writing skills.

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