Outsmarting College™ Admissions

The SMART Way to Get into a Great College!

To get into a great college, and to graduate into a worthy career, you need to be more than just a good student. You also need to be smarter than the rest of the competition.

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Outsmarting College™ Tuition

The SMART Way to Reduce Your College Costs!

You don’t need to sacrifice your family’s financial stability on the altar of higher education. Colleges today attempt to squeeze the maximum payment from each and every customer. If you’re in the middle or upper middle class, watch out! You’re at high risk of paying too much for college.

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Outsmarting College™ - CareerLaunch

The SMART Way to Join the Workforce!

You can’t eat prestige. It’s time to put your education to WORK. Half of recent college graduates are unemployed or underem- ployed. The good news is, this means that half are fully employed! Learn how to join the successfully-employed half in Outsmarting College – CareerLaunch.

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