Elite College Admissions in 3 Knockout Rounds

With acceptance rates dipping below 6% of applicants at some of the most competitive colleges in the country, anxious applicants understandably wonder what separates the lucky admits from the also-rans. The truth is, highly selective colleges attract far more highly qualified applicants than they can possibly accommodate. Given this zero sum scenario, one applicant must…

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3 Things Your College Essay Absolutely Must Have.

It’s college essay time and you’ve got tons of other work to do, so, let’s get right to it. Here are 3 things to make absolutely sure you include in your application essay: Perfect grammar. Your college essay is supposed to be an example of the very best writing you can deliver. Don’t embarrass yourself.…

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When it Comes to College Apps, Early is Better than Ever.

Colleges have a problem. They’re currently being inundated by applications, even though the number of high school graduates has leveled off. What gives? Well, the Common Application makes it super easy to apply to a lot of schools without doing any extra work. You fill out one application, and then you can send it to…

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