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Words of praise:

"Bonnie Snyder has done a masterful job offering first-rate advice to students who want to make college a financially rewarding experience, instead of a costly monetary albatross."

Dr. Richard Vedder
Founder of the Center for College Affordability and Productivity

"Dr. Bonnie Snyder's terrific book provides outstanding guidance for navigating today's extremely challenging higher education and career environments."

Dr. Laurence Kotlikoff
Professor of Economics, Boston University

"Forget the classics. The New College Reality should be tops on all high school students' summer reading lists. As a parent of a high school student and someone who has worked in the higher education field for over twenty-five years, I have never seen such insight into what is really important when preparing for college. This changes everything!"

Stephen Elias
Planet Tuition

"Dr. Snyder's book shows effective strategies for families to rein in skyrocketing tuition by placing career planning as the cornerstone of college planning. The New College Reality is a thought-provoking, fresh voice for families, school counselors, and college admissions professionals."

Geoff Broome
Director of Admissions, Albright College

"Anyone who is planning on college and considers the cost more than a "minor" expense should read this book! Newly available, it's the best basis I know of for initiating and informing the important conversations that high school students and their parents should have about college and early career decision-making, if this is to be done with a rational eye on return on investment. Even those lucky enough not to be phased by the high price tag of higher education should benefit from the book's discussion of the links between college and career and of how to prepare along the way for launching the future college grad into adulthood. Finally, while the book has a strong "how-to" element, those who are past the college phase, but interested in the truly important socio-economic issues surrounding the cost of a college education (including the "education bubble") and the relationship between a college education and jobs in today's tough economy, will also find this work, and the debates it can stimulate, fascinating."

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"This is truly an outstanding book for any student considering college and his or her parents. Really, if you have bought all the college guides and SAT handbooks, put them aside until you have read this book. I would also highly recommend it for anyone who is in college today. The author does a fabulous job of bringing a fresh perspective to college planning. The author does not recycle the same old stuff that you can find in any recent press article about going to college or in the current books about college education (at least based on the many that I have read). The author includes 22 rules to consider which upend much of what you think you know about going to college and planning for a successful experience and post graduate outcome. The three sections of the book cover the waterfront - I) Making college work for you today; II) Paying for College Without Going Broke and III) Entering the Real World. Trust me, this is a terrific book that will pay enormous dividends."

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"If you have a child, it is in your best interest to read this book."

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"The economy isn't helping today's college graduates--but this book is. From the first paragraph, I was 100% on board with this author who understands the plight of today's recent college grads but doesn't let them wallow in the recession. Here is the book that get you going, tells you in plain language exactly what to do to pursue that awesome career you always wanted. Incredibly inspirational. Plainly Practical. The tips in here will work for the underemployed or unhappily employed as well."

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This is a great book. It is sad that we now NEED such a book. Yes, you have to start somewhere & there is a first time for everything. Yes, many college grads have never so much as pushed a broom or punched, clicked, swiped, or etc a time clock. This gives grads and in some ways non college folks ideas and tools to survive, land a job, network, and etc. Give this book a try. When you are done, or no longer need it, lend or give it to someone who does!"

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