Author, consultant, educator and mom, Dr. Snyder is available to speak on college planning, career planning, and paying for college. She regularly presents before school districts, colleges, parenting associations and other interested organizations. She also conducts school inservice days for professional educators and makes media appearances on the current state of college admissions and skyrocketing college costs. Recent speaking venues have included Swarthmore, Penn State, UPenn, the Pennsylvania Chautauqua and statewide and national guidance counselor association conventions. She speaks on:

  • Outsmarting College Admissions
  • Outsmarting College Tuition
  • Outsmarting College Essays
  • The New College Reality: Advice for a Generation Facing Unprecedented Challenges
  • The Higher Education Bubble
  • The Key to Merit Aid: How to Lower Your Tuition Without Demonstrating Financial Need
  • Hacking the Workforce: Career-Launching Tactics for Millennials
  • 10 Ways to Straight A's
  • Anyone Can Learn Anything
  • How Parents Can Boost Their Child's Educational Achievement

Professional Speeches and Presentations


"Just a note to say... BRAVO! Thank you so much for organizing an incredible meeting! Bonnie Kerrigan Snyder's presentation was fantastic! I came away with so much useful information. I loved Bonnie's no-nonsense approach infused with just the right amount of humor. I just want to say, this presentation was, by far, the most informative and valuable the parent's association has ever presented. Thank you so much!" —Theresa, PA

"As a financial advisor, I was fortunate to have Dr. Snyder speak to my clients and invited guests about the rising cost of college tuition and strategies to help offset those costs. She delivered an insightful, and occasionally sobering, presentation that left us all with a deeper understanding of the challenges we face in higher education today. As a result of our collaboration, I have been able to add two new clients to my practice, and deepened my relationship with many others. Highly recommended!" —Tiffany, TX