How are you going to pay your child's upcoming college tuition bill? The time to figure out the answer to that question is now...while there's still time to protect your family's wealth against runaway tuition increases and to reduce your higher education bill by as much as five figures.

College is more unaffordable than ever, and even upper-middle-class families are reeling from the costs. With tuitions topping an astonishing $70,000 a year at some institutions, you'll be expected to come up with more than $1,000 a week for the entire time your child is in school.

If that sounds daunting to you, then you'd better come up with a plan fast. Because college tuition isn't magically going to sort itself out if you simply hide your head in the sand. And there's no magical tuition fairy waiting to sprinkle money from the sky. 

Colleges today attempt to squeeze the maximum payment from each and every customer. If you’re in the middle or upper middle class, watch out! You’re at extremely high risk of overpaying for college. But I'm here to tell you that you don’t need to sacrifice your family’s financial stability on the altar of higher education. And you shouldn't. My goal is to help families to reduce their college costs to a reasonable level and get a better return on their investment in college. I want families to understand how the higher education system works so that they will know which levers to push to get the results they want and deserve. In Outsmarting College Tuition, you’ll discover:

  • The greatest IRONY of college pricing
  • The A.F.F.O.R.D.™ system for reducing college costs
  • The college Double Whammy…and what to do about it
  • Money-wasting mistakes to avoid
  • The keys to attracting merit aid money
  • How to optimize your financial aid eligibility
  • Tactics for lowering your cost of attendance
  • When to walk away from a bad college deal
  • How to negotiate a better college price
  • A student debt rule of thumb to avoid financial trouble

This 60-minute Audio CD will explain how the financial aid system works so that you can influence the situation to your own advantage. Don’t be an Alma Martyr! The more you understand about the college financial aid system, the less you will pay. Discover the Smart way to pay for college. . .without going Broke! Order Outsmarting College Tuition today.

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Words of praise:

"The Outsmarting College series by Dr. Bonnie Snyder is an insider’s guide to getting accepted to college and paying for it.  Bonnie levels the playing field families now have a fighting chance in the College Admission and Financial Aid processes.  She even shows you secrets for getting a job after college. It's like having the answer key for College 101.  I made my daughter, who is a junior in high school, listen to the entire Outsmarting College series, by Dr. Bonnie Snyder.  My daughter actually thanked me and is now following the methods outlined by Bonnie.  My daughter doesn’t need luck applying to college—she has Bonnie!" —Steve E., Boston, MA

"Dr. Snyder's books and audio materials are chock full of keen insight and valuable tips, offering a unique perspective and an effective approach. Rather than simply following the crowd, you'll find plenty of thought-provoking alternatives and helpful resources so that you can achieve to your goals without losing yourself to the process." —Mike M., Oakland, CA

"Wow, Outsmarting College Tuition really opens a parent's eyes! The skyrocketing cost of college is intimidating for parents, grandparents and anyone interested in supporting a student's aspirations of a college education. Further, students and parents both have the potential to saddle themselves with insurmountable debt. Bonnie's patient and thorough review of the aid applications, scholarship options, savings vehicles and fundraising alternatives creates real options for those facing such an important but unsettling task." —Dave D., Fredericksburg, VA "Outsmarting College contains very informative information and I highly recommend it to all students who will be attending college.  This program should be listened to at the very beginning of the college planning process because it provides a foundation for the entire search and selection process.  The information in Outsmarting College Tuition overviews strategies for  families that are seeking financial aid, as well as students who are full pay.  These strategies can provide students significant savings and the earlier that they are implemented the greater the savings opportunity." —Alan T., 
Indianapolis, IN

"College planning is complicated and it's easy to get overwhelmed. But Bonnie puts it all in perspective and makes it manageable for both parents and students. Bonnie has a thorough understanding of the complex landscape of college planning—everything from applying to college, to paying for college, to navigating majors once you get to college. What's more, she focuses on what's important: sticking to personal goals, not paying too much, making college work as a real stepping stone to a successful life." —Beth B., Seattle, WA

“Going to college today is worlds different than when we parents went. If you don't know what you're doing, you could find yourself in real trouble in today's higher education climate. Don't let that happen to you or your child; these Outsmarting College audios are packed with fresh, unique, actionable insights for dealing with the current challenges of college and career planning. Don't go to college without 'em!" —Dennis E., Phoenix, AZ

"I once had the unusual opportunity to chat with a quiz show champion. Of course, I asked him how he beat his competitors and he replied, ‘Know when to hit the buzzer. Don't guess.’ I was stunned. I had expected him to say that he had spent hours studying encyclopedias or dictionaries but, no, he simply said that he had figured out less obvious but critically important strategies that gave him an edge over equally intelligent peers. Bonnie Snyder's Outsmarting College Admissions, left me with the same impression. The college admissions process shouldn't be a game to win or a code to decipher, but it is. To assume that the process simply rewards those with the highest level of traditional academic aptitude is to be tragically naive. Like the quiz show champ, Dr. Snyder has concrete advice that, while not obvious, is simple to understand and apply. It can set you or your student apart from fellow applicants. With an impressive career in academics and college admissions, Dr. Snyder speaks from experience in a style that is more like coffee with a friend than an audio book. Listening was enjoyable. I learned a lot, I will share her advice with my family and friends, and I have and will continue to recommended her work to students and parents.” —Shawn G., Lancaster, PA